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Soapbox World Speed Record Set by Guy Martin

Guy Martin Gravity Racer

Guy Martin has set the world record for the highest speed set by a gravity racer.

Using a racer designed by Sheffield Hallam University, he achieved and average speed over a measured 100m of 85.612mph (137.779kph) with a racer weighing 200Kg at Mont Ventoux.

The benchmark has been set. To set the world record, you need to beat 85.6mph over 100m with a racer that is 200Kg or less. 

There will doubtless be many attempts at this over the coming months, and it seems that Guy's record is unlikely to stand for long, but that doesn't take anything away from the skill of the team that achieved this tremendous speed. Congratulations to all involved.

For more information about the work that went in to the record attempt, see the Engineering Sport web site.

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