Steering wheel vs handlebar

Based on the shape of our Red Bull Soapbox design, we are in a regular side by side car upright seated position.

The ovious choice would be to go for a steering wheel and foot brakes. 


MTB Handlebar with brake leavers. This would feel a little un-natural based on the seating upright? also unsure exactly how you would mount a handle bar on a steering shaft coming at us at a 45 degree angle?

Is there a way to maybe combine the two eg sterring wheel with brake leavers mounted on to it? How does that feel if anyone has used this setup before?  Any examples/ pictures?

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2 disc brakes on one leaver

I've seen a loads of brake leavers for sale that have a double nut in place that allow you to hook up two mechanical cable v-brake/disc brake to one leaver. One such example here for anyone not in the know:

I've yet to find a double hydraulic brake leaver though. Are they the same design as mechanical ones, or do the cables meet and join before they connect to the leaver? Anybody sell these off the shelf? 

Would regular MTB hydraulic calipers be up to this task or would the pistons inside need to be bigger for it to work?

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Screw on Disc brake adaptors

After contacting several bmx companies and wheel builders in the UK, all I heard was I needed to spend somewhere between £140-£280 for a single 20'' wheel to be build that would have a disc brake hub mount option. I then found these useful screw on disc brake adaptors that can be fitted to the rear thread on hubs: and on

The only ones I can find being sold in the UK are by DT-Swiss Arai to disc brake adapter. They are slightly wider and have a grub screw at the side to offer a better hold to the hub. currently have them in stock. They have 2 versions available, a 140 and a 145 for an OLN 98 / TD - unsure what exactly that means - anyone know if either will be fine for a standard sized bmx threaded 14mm hub?

 £20 each seems a little steep considering you'll need 4. Has anyone seen any cheaper available in the UK?  

Understand they'll be fine on 2 wheels on one side of the kart, but the other side will need to be glued and perhaps even welded on as they'll want to unwind when you break. 



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