Getting Started

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There is lt involved in setting up a cartie race. Here is a list (in no particular order) of the main things you will have to do;

Novelty carties? kids race? full on gravity race? All of them?

  • Get agreement from any other stakeholders

Will any local businesses, landowners, residents, etc be inconvenienced or affected? The sooner you get them on board, the better.

  • Permissions and and notifications?

If a road closure is needed, then your local council and police will need to be consulted about what clearances and permissions are required. A Public Events Licencemay be required.

As well as almost certainly being a condition of any official permission and insurance, a proper consideration of the risks involved in putting on your event is a sensible part of the process of planning your event. You have a duty of care to your spectators and competitors to ensure that reasonable precautions are taken to avoid unneccessary risks, and they have a right to expect that reasonable precations have been taken.

  • Rule and regs

Decide on the rules. How much detail you need to go into depends on whay type of event you are planning to run. A kids push race around the local playing fields will not need as detailed a set of rules as a full on gravity race. Any rules you set should be ones you are prepared to enforce.