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Cartie Testing at Durris

With Cairngorm Soapbox Extreme just two months away, several teams gathered at Durris for a spot of pre-race testing yesterday. Chris Harvey was there to report on the action for STV, and you can see the result on the STV News tonight at 6.15pm.

The testing proved very useful, and with some carties clocking 50mph in places, the high speed "shakedown" revealed some issues that are not always apparent at lower speeds.



Gravity Racing Technical Build Advice Day

Wednesday 24th June 2009
Wednesday 24th June 2009

Loughborough College are hosting technical advice day for soapbox racers on June 24th 2009. David Ackroyd of Formula Gravity and Gadget Show fame, will be delivering a lecture on how to build a gravity racer and at the end of the day a charity fund raiser involving contestents driving a gravity racer round a short obstacle course. Gravity racing enthusiasts more than welcome to bring their cars to display and plenty of opportunities all day to chat with fellow enthusiasts.

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"Scottish Cartie Association" is Born

"Grampian Carties", which started out as just a web site to help promote cartie racing, has changed. A meeting was held last month at which is was agreed to form the "Scottish Cartie Association" to "support and advance the sport of Soapbox Cartie Racing in Scotland", and rather than build a new site we decided to re-brand the existing site.

Kirkton of Skene Cartie Race

Kirkton of Skene CartiesKirkton of Skene Cartie Race has been going for 7 years. It is a part of the village gala, which raises money for local facilities such as the village hall. The cartie race involves all the family, with adults pushing and children steering. This is all done on the local football pitch where basic carties are made a month prior to the race, for the kids to then take away and decorate. Prizes are awarded to the winners, including best dressed cartie, best  dressed team, and winners of the races.

More details here, or contact Kenny Freeman on (01224) 742804.

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Border Bogies - Entries Close on 18th May

The closing date for entries to the Border Bogie Challenge is 18th May 2009, so if you've not entered yet you'd best get your finger out. Download the entry forms from here.
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