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Dalby Forest Soapbox Derby, Yorkshire

Saturday 20th August 2011
Sunday 21st August 2011

High Speed CanoeSet in the heart of the North Yorshire moors. Dalby Forest has a long history for hosting many types of racing competitions and provides a stunning backdrop for the event.

The Track is one mile of fast sweeping tarmac through the Forest and speeds in excess of 50 mph are to be expected. In 2010 LG Racing were officially recorded at 59 MPH. (unofficially 65 MPH !!)

The course has high speed off camber corners, made even trickier by the changing light conditions caused by the dense tree cover. Crossing the finish line, carts will be doing around 50 mph and have to be capable of slowing down to a walking pace within 100 metres.

The course is not Suitable For Novelty Carts.

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Cartie Tech' Spec' Summary

The various events across the UK all have subtly different rules covering cartie dimensions, weights, etc. As an aid to race teams and event organisers, the SCA has published an overview of the more common rule sets and has derived a set of universal dimensions that would comply with all the rules currently in use (Universal Cartie) and a set of measurements that would include carties built for every event (Universal Event).

This makes it easier for teams and organisers to make informed decisions when building their carties or drafting/reviewing their construction rules.

At the moment, the derived specifications are;

Dimension Universal Event Universal Cartie
Max Weight (dry) Kg 100 80
Max Length mm 3000 2000
Max Width mm 1500 1118
Max Track mm   1118
Max Wheelbase mm   2000
Min Track mm 700 700
Min Eye Line mm   700
Min Ground Clearance mm   150
Brake Force KgF 40 50
Roll Bars Optional 2 roll bars & forward protection
Harness Optional Required
Min Wheels 3 4

Click here for the full source data. If you have any corrections or know of any other rules that should be included, please let us know.

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Get Set for the 2011 SCA Championship

The Scottish cartie racing season will kick off in May with a brand new event at Castle Forbes, near Alford in Aberdeenshire. The Castle Forbes Gravity Race (7th & 8th May), set in the grounds of the castle itself, promises to be very challenging and it will be interesting to see which carties do well there. Can last year's SCA Champion, Team Alford (right), make use of home advantage to start the season with another win, or will one of the many new teams steal their thunder?

Just two weeks after Castle Forbes is the fabulous Border Bogie Challenge (21st May) in Denholm, and then the following month it is back up to Aberdeenshire for the short but intense Catterline Cartie Challenge  (12th June), which will be test drivers and their carties to the limit. Any carties still left in raceworthy condition will then get to race alongside the best teams in the UK at Cairngorm Soapbox Extreme (1st & 2nd July) - the longest and fastest soapbox race in the country.

Alongside all this we'll be running the SCA Championship again. If you're taking part in two or more of these races, why not take your chances and register for the championship too (note - if you've already got a place at Cairngorm you've automatically been registered in the SCA Championship too).

Tickettyboo Two Cart SOLD

Tickettyboo Two takes The Switch at CSEx2010 Tickettyboo Two soapbox for sale as raced at Cairngorm, building a new cart for 2011 and this one available now.

48 spoke wheels 14mm axles very strong all new before Cairngorm and only used the once, rim brakes,Schwalbe Kojack tyres but can change for treads if you want, New Securion 4 point harness, 13mm box section trellis type frame,Alloy and stainless sheet body. Contact me for pictures or any other information could deliver call Les

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HD Helmet Camera with Optional GPS

The Oregon ATC2K Active Camera is a common feature on carties these days, but those clever chaps at Oregon Scientific have come up with the new ATC9K HD Action Camera which promises to give you both high definition video and optional GPS data recording to give you a full data readout for every run.