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Lanhydrock Dilly Cart Race, Cornwall

Sunday 19th June 2011
Sunday 19th June 2011

Lanhydrock Dilly Cart RaceBring your homemade cart and test your driving skills speeding through Lanhydrock's magnificent parkland.  Fun and exhilaration for everyone from 5 years old upwards.  Please contact Alice for an application pack and enjoy building your dilly cart!

01208 265278 or for details.

Keep up-to-date by following @LanhydrockNT on Twitter and National Trust Lanhydrock Countryside on Facebook.


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SportsCover Direct widens insurance offering - Private Healthcare UK

SportsCover Direct widens insurance offering - Private Healthcare UK -

SportsCover Direct widens insurance offering
Private Healthcare UK
It also now insures people travelling to take part in soap box racing and canoe polo competitions. There are very few activities that it will not cover, but it will not insure people involved in cage fighting, snow kiting or speed flying, ...

["soapox racing uk" on Google]

Sports, leisure and travel insurance specialists SportsCover Direct have been offering cover for cartie racers via their SportsGuard product for some time now, following an enquiry made by the Scottish Cartie Association during the run up to the very first Cairngorm Soapbox Extreme in 2009. Although all events are normally required to have third party and employer liabilty cover, this explicitly excludes the competitors themselves who all sign disclaimers and take part at their own risk.

If you take part in soapbox racing and would like to find out more about what cover is available for you as an individual, go to their web site and have a look. And - if you go via the link on this page and subsequently decide to take out a policy, the SCA will get a tiny bit of commission too.

For more information on event and competitor insurance, see here.


SCA Develops Cartie Simulation Software

Click on the thumbnails below for full size screen shots

The SCA's back room boffins and their clever little coding elves have been busy doing some fiendishly clever things with computers of late, and they are nearly ready to launch a full blown cartie simulator on the unsuspecting gravity racing world.

SCA CartieSim is a application that can predict the speeds of a cartie at any point on a course from some simple data describing the cartie and the coordinates of the course. The course can be loaded from a GPS data file or, if you don't have access to that, then a simple route from Google Maps or Google Earth can be loaded instead.

Taking into consideration such variables as overall mass, drag factor and rolling resistanc along with the gradient and turn radius of the course, the application plots a profile of speed against distance and can even identify sections of the course where you may need to use your brakes!

Key features:

  • Course data loaded from GPS file, CSV file or online from Google Maps and satellite altitude database
  • Simple "Course Wizard" guides you through loading a new course
  • Calculates speed profile, time and maximum speed
  • Calculates course data such as total length, average gradient, maximum gradient
  • "Critical Velocity" calculation predicts sections where braking may be required
  • Models dead, push and ramp starts
  • Models different cartie configurations for comparison
  • Calculates stopping distance after finish line
The program is currently in its final testing phase, and the first production version should be available in the next few weeks.
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Entries Open for Catterline Carties 2011

SCA Championship Points Available

Entry forms are now available for the 2011 Catterline Cartie Challenge. 12 teams from last year have taken advantage of their "early bird" option and have already put their names down, but there are - for the moment at least - still plenty of places left.

As well as being one of the highlights of the village year and an important part of the village gala, the  Catterline Cartie Challenge is now also part of the Scottish Cartie Association Championship. Teams will be coming from far and wide hoping to add to their championship points from Castle Forbes, Border Bogies and Cairngorm, and a good performance at Catterline will help secure their overall position.

[Catterline Cartie Challenge]

Dalby Forest Soapbox Derby, Yorkshire

Saturday 20th August 2011
Sunday 21st August 2011

High Speed CanoeSet in the heart of the North Yorshire moors. Dalby Forest has a long history for hosting many types of racing competitions and provides a stunning backdrop for the event.

The Track is one mile of fast sweeping tarmac through the Forest and speeds in excess of 50 mph are to be expected. In 2010 LG Racing were officially recorded at 59 MPH. (unofficially 65 MPH !!)

The course has high speed off camber corners, made even trickier by the changing light conditions caused by the dense tree cover. Crossing the finish line, carts will be doing around 50 mph and have to be capable of slowing down to a walking pace within 100 metres.

The course is not Suitable For Novelty Carts.

Full details at

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