Cartie For Sale : The Bandit - Sold

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“The Bandit” has been around three years or so. Seems to be middle-ground competitive or better on most hills. Last outing was at Cairngorm, where it performed better that I expected, (8th place…tho maybe that was the driver, Malcolm?) and seemed basically OK. I’m selling on as it has become a bit of a ‘stray’, used (tho’ not abused) by many, but a bit owner-less, thus not getting the TLC which will keep it in decent nick. Stored outside, so weather taking its toll. No major work needed, and basic chassis / geometry fairly reasonable. What does it need? Nothing really other than TLC, maybe some paint….and an inclination to develop it a bit further, as I reckon the handling is good, but wheel quality / bearing quality can be a lot better, and find those extra seconds… Currently viewable in Newtonhill, nr Aberdeen.


Phone Jim on 01569 731229

The Bandit

The Bandit

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Bandit Sold

The Bandit has been sold - sorry to all those who missed out.
scottishcarties | August 25, 2009 - 13:44

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