Screw on Disc brake adaptors

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After contacting several bmx companies and wheel builders in the UK, all I heard was I needed to spend somewhere between £140-£280 for a single 20'' wheel to be build that would have a disc brake hub mount option. I then found these useful screw on disc brake adaptors that can be fitted to the rear thread on hubs: and on

The only ones I can find being sold in the UK are by DT-Swiss Arai to disc brake adapter. They are slightly wider and have a grub screw at the side to offer a better hold to the hub. currently have them in stock. They have 2 versions available, a 140 and a 145 for an OLN 98 / TD - unsure what exactly that means - anyone know if either will be fine for a standard sized bmx threaded 14mm hub?

 £20 each seems a little steep considering you'll need 4. Has anyone seen any cheaper available in the UK?  

Understand they'll be fine on 2 wheels on one side of the kart, but the other side will need to be glued and perhaps even welded on as they'll want to unwind when you break. 



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disk brake adapters

I tried one of these on the rear wheel of my sidehack and found it didn't work very well. I just screwed it on and didn't bother with the locking nut since the rotation was the correct direction to tighten it when the brakes were applied. However, after about two or three applications of the brakes all the thread were stripped off and it was useless.

However, since you are going for a two man cartie and will have to negotiate a ramp at the redbull london race, I'd sugest something a bit more substantial than 20" BMX wheels. You should probably consider pit bike wheels as they will be much stronger and usually have disk mounts as standard.

scottishcarties | May 2, 2013 - 10:53

Diolch yn fawr! Aka thank

Diolch yn fawr! Aka thank you very much! :) Glad someone cleared that up for me! I read it would be fine for a regular bicycle use, just wasn't sure on a larger two seater go kart how the forces would effect it! Just looking into pit bike wheels, axles and brakes now! Finding it will be a lot easier and cheaper this way already!
autobots | May 2, 2013 - 12:28

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