Interesting tyre from Schwalbe...

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Schwalbe are now doing a tyre especially designed for trikes and other multi-track vehicles (i.e. soapbox carties and sidecars). The cross section is almost square, giving a wider contact patch for extra cornering grip but still with low rolling resistance.

The Tryker is a lightweight folding tyre for 406mm (i.e. 20") rims with a maximum pressure of 85psi. The lower pressure should be offset by the wider contact patch and narrow overall width, so rolling resistance, aerodynamic drag and  moment of inertia should all be reduced.

Has anyone given them a try?

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Slick tyres

I use a tyre like this on my trike racer ... 16 " wheels ... fat slick tyre called a scorcher everyone said they would not work but they are fast ...
Tim (not verified) | February 1, 2013 - 09:34
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greenspeed scorcher

I'm presuming you mean the greenspeed scorcher. They're not easy to come by in the UK, but look quite interesting. Certainly the fatter tyre should hve less rolling resistance than the thin tyres at the same pressure, and the fact that they'll take 100psi is good.

But the scorcher is still a round section bike tyre designed to allow you to lean over when cornering. The Schwalbe Tryker is the only square section tyre I've seen that will fit on 20" (406) rims.

scottishcarties | February 1, 2013 - 14:23

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