Tickettyboo Two Takes Maximum Points at Catterline

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Catterline Cartie Challenge 2011 - Team Rooket
Team Rooket's pratice didn't go to plan

  Current standings;

   1. Team Rooket - 13
   2. Team Alford - 12
   3. Pist'n'Broke - 11
   4. Centa Bavaria - 11

   Click here for full results and current table

Pist'n'Broke's hopes of securing the 2011 SCA Championships took a heavy blow at the Catterline Cartie Challenge on Sunday when they crashed out on the first bend during practice. Failing to negotiate the tricky right-hander at Jimmy's put them up on the bank and snapped their front axle, effectively ruling them out for the rest of the day and meaning that they would collect no points for the day.

Team Rooket had to work hard to stay in the race, with two major crashes giving them plenty of work on in between the runs, but their biggest downfall was a 5 second penalty for clipping a cone in their second run, which dropped them down from 1st to 4th place on aggregate.

Meanwhile, Tickettyboo 2 and Bitter and Twisted were battling for the best aggregate time, with Tickettyboo 2 snatching victory in the last run by just 0.14 seconds over the three competition runs and giving them the maximum 7 championship points for the day. Team Rooket's consolation for their hard work was the fastest time of the day and 5 championship points, which puts them 1 point clear of Team Alford with just one race remaining.

There are just now 2 points separating Rooket, Alford, Pist'n'Broke and Centa Bavaria, and with all of these teams due to compete at Cairngorm next month the championship is still very much up for grabs.

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