Spare parts for sale - cheap

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I have a couple of BMX frames lots of other bikes and bike spares for sale.

I have at least 2, (possibly 3) BMX frames,including forks and handle bars ideal for building a gravity bike or a gravity side car.

1 is an old Diamond back, which is very heavy (compared to modern bikes, but in the world of gravity racing this is not an issue) and very strong. 

Not sure of the others but they are in good condition.

 There is a huge assortment of other bike stuff, but unfortunately as you can guess no 20inch BMX wheels.

I also have couple of kids bikes which are due to go on fleabay about easter, but will let them go early if anyone is interested.

All bike spares are cheap and the bikes are very reasonable as well (much cheaper than buying new.

Send me an e-mail etc etc if you are intersted and I will send pics


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