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The Cheats at Catterline
The Cheats at Catterline in 2009 - probably would have won the championship last year, if there had been one...

Reckon you've got a quick cartie? Taking part in more than one event in Scotland this year? Why not register for the SCA Championship and find out how good you really are!

The Scottish cartie racing calendar kicks off on 22nd May at the Border Bogie Challenge in the delightful village of Denholm near Hawick in the Scottish Borders, and this year - as if the privilege of taking part in this tremendous event was not enough - teams can also gain points which will count towards an overall championship held across all the major Scottish events.

Registration for the inaugural SCA Championship costs a mere £10 and can be completed in minutes via our online registration page. If you are planning to take part in more than one event this year, why not add to the excitement and see if you can become the very first SCA Champion. There are separate classes for soapbox and gravity sidecar, and you don't even need to be Scottish to take part!

Click here for full details and a list of all the events taking part in the SCA Championship.


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SCA Championship Registration process

A dead easy registration process, especially if you are already registered with Paypal.
I have found Paypal to be great and gives peace of mind when paying for stuff on-line.
What are the chances of running a book on the side Chief Weasel? Smile Wink
peasnbarley | February 24, 2010 - 20:56

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