HD Helmet Camera with Optional GPS

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The Oregon ATC2K Active Camera is a common feature on carties these days, but those clever chaps at Oregon Scientific have come up with the new ATC9K HD Action Camera which promises to give you both high definition video and optional GPS data recording to give you a full data readout for every run.

Not only does the camera capture 1080p professional quality high definition video and takes photos of 5MP, its built-in G-sensor can measure the force of gravity during acceleration and deceleration. And as if that wasn't enough, the unique optional GPS plug-in enables you to map your location, speed and distance travelled using Google Maps or Google Earth. While watching the video clip playback on a computer, you will also see your corresponding location, acceleration and altitude on Google Maps.

Full software is included enabling you view all the data on single screen and edit the video taken directly from ATC9K action cam. It is shock resistant and waterproof up to 20m and comes with a full set of mounting accessories that enables you to mount it on any handles, bars, and helmets.