Team Weasel Triumphs at SCARE

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Flying FerretTeam Weasel took the trophies for Fastest Run and Fastest Team in the senior competition at SCARE last Sunday against a small but intensely competive field of 8 carties.

20 carties took part in the Junior competition, mostly using carties built at the cartie building workshop earlier in the month, and the entry from Catterline School, built with the help of Team Weasel, was the convincing winner.

See here for more pictures.

Full results are attached below;

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I think the cartie building

I think the cartie building workshop was a great idea and no doubt the youngsters got a lot of fun and ideas from the event. The playing fields and nearby facilities at Alford would be a fantastic venue for a local event along the same lines and I hope I can get support for it now to set something up for 2011. Perhaps the idea of Sidecar building and racing could be worked in?
peasnbarley | September 17, 2009 - 17:03
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Stoney Soapbox Workshop

The soapbox workshop was great and everyone had a great time, and was also very effective way of getting lots more people involved. There is now a core of about 20 junior carties in Stonehaven, and I'm sure they'll be worked on, developed, raced and crashed for years to come, passed down to younger siblings, cousins, mates, etc.

I was driving through stoney only yesterday and saw one of them trundling along the pavement, being propelled but a swarmof small boys. Mademe smile, it did. Smile

The cartie kits came from the organisers of the Kirkton of Skene Cartie Race. They may be able to help setting up something similar at Alford.

scottishcarties | September 17, 2009 - 20:24
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Full results from SCARE 09

The full results from SCARE 09 have just been uploaded. Download clicky here.
scottishcarties | September 21, 2009 - 15:26

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