Cairngorm Soapbox Extreme 2010, Highland

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Friday 23rd July 2010
Saturday 24th July 2010

Now including Gravity SidecarThe longest and fastest race in the UK - definately not for the faint of heart! Entry forms available for download from

Classes for soapbox and gravity sidecar.

Cairngorm Soapbox Extreme
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Revised course for CSE2010

We will probably be revising the course for CSE 2010.

The majority of the course will be the same, but the start may be moved to the Ciste car park. This doesn't significantly affect either the length of the course or the drop from start to finish, but it means that the hairpin is approached from the opposite direction and will effectively become a high speed right/left combination with - perhaps most significantly - a large run-off area comprised of lovely soft heather. The gradient at the start is actually slightly steeper than it was in 2009 so speeds would pick up quicker before dropping back slightly on the approach to the "corner formerly known as the hairpin". Speeds through it and across the Flat Lands should be comparable to 2009, and the fastest section down through Dead Tree Bend will be much the same.

This should give us a safer event without compromising either the length of the course or the overall top speeds, and without diluting the white-knuckle experience that is an important part of CSE.

The plan is to do some testing early next year to check I've got the maths right, and we'll confirm the course and publish the full details then. Observations, questions, comments and suggestion are welcome.

scottishcarties | December 1, 2009 - 01:25

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