Gravity Racing Technical Build Advice Day

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Wednesday 24th June 2009
Wednesday 24th June 2009

Loughborough College are hosting technical advice day for soapbox racers on June 24th 2009. David Ackroyd of Formula Gravity and Gadget Show fame, will be delivering a lecture on how to build a gravity racer and at the end of the day a charity fund raiser involving contestents driving a gravity racer round a short obstacle course. Gravity racing enthusiasts more than welcome to bring their cars to display and plenty of opportunities all day to chat with fellow enthusiasts.

Guest speaker for the day is Jo Salter - the RAF's very first female fast jet pilot - and there will also be a display of 'drifting' by Westfield Sports Cars.

Also for schools that can't attend but fancy encouraging some of their pupils to write a poem or short story (any amount of words, short or long) based on the theme of a gravity racer, results will be announced on the day and the best entries will win £100 worth of Draper Tool vouchers for their school and individual prizes of book vouchers.

For further information about the day please contact Keith Large e-mail Telephone 01509 618324 Daytime Monday - Friday.


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